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“As a recipient of the Ed Bradley Scholarship, it put me on the map when it came to job opportunities. It couldn’t have come at a better time after recently graduating. Once news directors realized I was a scholar, they didn’t hesitate to approach me and look at my resume. I left the Excellence in Journalism conference feeling fully confident in a career in journalism.” 
- Brea Hollingsworth, Florida A&M - 2017 Ed Bradley Scholar


2013 George Foreman Scholarship
Christopher Adams
University of Texas at Austin

"Receiving the Carole Simpson Scholarship from the Radio Television Digital News Foundation means everything to me. I would like to thank RTDNF and Carol Simpson. I'm so proud to have received such a prestigious award from such an amazing company. Carole Simpson is one of my role models, for the simple fact that she has completed so many firsts as not only a woman, but an African-American woman. She represents something so powerful and I cannot wait to continue my journey and embrace that power to become a great journalist as well."
-Imani Crenshaw, Hampton University - 2013 Carole Simpson Scholarship winner


2013 Mike Reynolds Scholarship
Amanda Roley
Washington State University

“Thank you RTDNF and the N.S. Bienstock Fellowship for fostering a community of journalists that is inclusive, cutting-edge and puts a human voice in headline news.”
- 2011 N.S. Bienstock Fellowship winner Anayansi Diaz-Corts


2013 Michele Clark Fellowship
Chanteé Lans

“Winning an RTDNF scholarship provided me with both confidence and skills to succeed in television newsroom management. The recognition from such a prestigious organization helped reaffirm my belief that I had what it takes to ‘make it’ as a television news producer.”
- 2000 Presidents Scholarship winner Ari Meltzer


2013 Ed Bradley Scholarship
Taylor Moore
University of South Dakota

"As a young journalist it is at times difficult to know whether your stories are being heard. … This award is proof that it is all worth it.”
-2012 George Foreman Scholarship winner Cathryn Walker  


2013 Pete Wilson Scholarship
Talia Samelian
San Francisco State University

“Ed Bradley's hard work, passion, and dedication to this industry are something I strive to attain. … I am so grateful and hope someday I will be able to do the same for future journalists so this industry will continue to flourish.”
-2012 Bradley Scholarship winner Jacey Sisneros


2014 Carole Simpson Scholarship
Nathalie Dortonne
University of Florida


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