Money Matters: 5 holiday season consumer story ideas

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We’ve shared some end-of-the-year financial tips including a checklist of what to do before January 1 and some reasons December is a great time to job hunt, but at this time of year many people have something else on their mind: holidays.

These five holiday season consumer story ideas can help answer your audience’s most important money questions this time of year.

Gift budgeting and holiday deals
Where can last-minute shoppers find good deals? Are there better times of the day or week to shop? What are some budget pitfalls during the holiday season? What post-holiday deals should the budget-conscious be planning to look out for?

How can holiday shoppers make it easier for their gift recipients to return unwanted gifts, or, better yet, avoid commonly returned items? What return fine print should consumers look for? How can thrifty shoppers take advantage of post-holiday returns?

Holiday bonuses
Can more or fewer workers expect holiday or year-end bonuses or gifts this year? How do typical bonuses vary based on common industries in your area? How do cash bonuses or non-cash gifts affect workers’ taxes? What are some tips for making the most of a bonus?

In the final pre-holiday crunch, shipping deadlines are looming. Compare the prices, speed and deadlines of different shipping services. Look into shipping insurance. Is it worth it, and when? What can shoppers do to protect their gifts from theft or loss en route and on porches?

Who – and how much – should people be planning to tip this holiday season? When are cash tips appropriate, and when is a gift a better option? A holiday tipping guide can help your audience plan and budget.

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