RTDNA Awards

RTDNA Awards


Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award

Barney Oldfield

The Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award was created in honor of RTDNA Foundation founder Col. Barney Oldfield, USAF (Ret.), and goes annually to an individual who, through their own efforts, has contributed to the growth and success of the RTDNA Foundation.

2023: Allison McGinley
2022: Brian Bracco
2021: David Louie
2020: Janice Gin
2019: Paul Golden
2018: Kathy Walker
2017: Mike Cavender
2016: Harvey Nagler
2015: Jon Ebinger
2014: Ed Esposito
2013: Carole Simpson
2011: Pat Seaman
2010: Jill Geisler, Al Tompkins
2007: RTDNF Board of Trustees
2006: Rainer Hasters
2005: George Foreman
2004: Bill McCloskey
2003: Mark Millage
2002: Gene Mater
2001: Bob Priddy
2000: Lucy Himstedt
1999: Lou Prato
1998: Marci Burdick
1997: Loren Tobia
1996: George Glazer
1995: Robert Brunner, John Spain
1994: Col. Barney and Vada Oldfield


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Bob Priddy Award

Bob PriddyBob Priddy, one of RTDNA’s most distinguished board members over 27 years of service stepped down in 2010. At RTDNA@NAB 2010, Priddy was honored with the newly introduced Bob Priddy award, which is now presented annually to board members who exemplify Priddy’s distinguished and consistent service to RTDNA.

2023: Colin Benedict
2022: Ellen Crooke
2021: Terence Shepherd
2020: Chip Mahaney
2019: Brandon Mercer
2018: Andrew Vrees
2017: Loren Tobia
2016: Sheryl Worsley
2015: Scott Libin
2014: Janice Gin, Mark Kraham
2013: Dan Shelley
2012: Mike Cavender
2011: Ed Esposito
2010: Bob Priddy

Rob Downey Citation

DowneyThe Rob Downey Citation is presented annually at RTDNA's International Conference and Exhibition. Named for the first executive secretary of RTDNA, the Rob Downey Citation recognizes exceptional service to the RTDNA board of directors.

2023: BP Miller
2022: Chris Pair
2021: Barefoot PR: Cori Streetman, Sarah Hogan & Laura Schwinkendorf
2020: Tara Puckey
2019: Kate McGarrity
2018: Dan Shelley
2017: Karen Hansen
2016: Rainer Hasters
2015: Paul Davis
2014: Chris Vachon
2013: Noukla Ruble
2012: Ryan Murphy, Kathryn Switchenko
2011: David Evans, Jane Nassiri
2010: Chris Brown
2009: Barbara Cochran, Jane Nassiri, Kathleen Graham, Tara Sheehan, Stacey Staniak, Audrey Lamb, Carol Knopes, Marny Klump
2008: Kathleen Kirby, David Evans
2007: Noreen Welle, Susana Schuler
2006: John Spain, Bob Brunner
2005: Chip Mahaney
2004: Janet Evans-Webb
2003: Dave Busiek, Bob Salsberg
2001: Angie Kucharski
2000: Chris Berry, Brian Trauring
1999: David Louie
1998: Edie Emery
1997: Loren Tobia
1996: Barry Walker
1995: LuEtt Hanson
1994: Jeffrey Marks
1993: Bob Priddy
1992: Robert Vaughn
1991: Bill Yeager
1990: Jack Shelley
1989: Dean Mell
1988: Larry Christopher
1987: Steve Murphy
1986: Ed Godfrey
1985: Steve Vogel
1984: Skip Haley
1983: David Bartlett
1982: Howard Back
1981: Lou Prato
1980: Eddie Barker
1979: Ted Landphair