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In partnership with the nonprofit National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), Finance 411 is poised to help you find the tools and resources to help educate your audiences about consumer finance. From consumer protections to home affordability to student loan repayment and everything in between, these resources will help you find new story ideas to localize within your community, tips and tricks for breaking down data and research for your audiences and examples of exceptional personal finance stories that have created meaningful impact for audiences.

Recent Resources

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Buy Now, Pay Later — Opportunities and Pitfalls

While buy now, pay later apps and services are new to consumers, borrowing money has been around for ages. BNPL services make it easier to buy the things you want — and sometimes need — right away. Check out what to consider when localizing the story.


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The New Trend in Weddings ... Less is More

What would you do with $30,000? Put a down payment on a new home? Pay off those student loans? Save for your kids' college funds? Splurge on a new car? Take a look at this story that's easy to localize.


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How to Report on Employment in the US

There is a wealth of jobs data beyond the headline numbers in the BLS monthly jobs report. If reporters look beyond those headlines, and deep into the BLS data, they’ll find dynamite for good reporting on the job situation in America. Learn more about all the places you should be looking.


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