Are you a scam stopper, wallet saver or money explainer?

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If you have alerted your audience to a scam, helped them save money or explained how a new policy affects their wallets, share your best stories with us and we may fund your next one!

RTDNA and the National Endowment for Financial Education are celebrating Financial Literacy Month with the opening of the Personal Finance Reporting Awards.

Submit your consumer or personal finance stories by July 18 to showcase your consumer reporting, share your expertise, further build your skills, and fund your next story.

From first jobs to retirement, money matters affect everyone your reporting reaches. Helping your audience become more financially educated is one great way your reporting can help your community.

You don’t have to have “consumer reporter” in your title to enter or to win! Any journalist can, with the right approach, tell great stories about money issues, which, at their core, are really about people – and their home, health, and heart.

Get an idea for your potentially prize-winning piece from the 2018 winners and the story ideas we share as part of our weekly Money Matters feature, made possible by the National Endowment for Financial Education. 

Another way to attend the conference on us: Enter the Kaleidoscope Awards for excellence in reporting on diversity by May 3.

2018 NEFE winners
2018 NEFE Award winners - credit Paul Golden (NEFE)