Board honors work in service of the mission

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One of RTDNA’s core pillars is recognizing excellence in journalism. Each year at the annual conference, the Board of Directors takes a moment to recognize those who excel in service toward that mission. These individuals go above and beyond to keep the association and its foundation strong and to serve its members.


The Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award was created in honor of RTDNF founder Col. Barney Oldfield, USAF (Ret.). Oldfield was a philanthropist who believed passionately in the importance of journalism. This award goes annually to an individual who, through their own efforts, has contributed to the growth and success of RTDNF.

The 2019 Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award winner is Paul Golden, managing director of media and communications for the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE).

Over many years, no partnership has been more important to RTDNF than the one with NEFE, the National Endowment for Financial Education. NEFE’s Personal Finance Reporting Award recognizes exceptional journalism focused on financial issues, bringing award winners to our convention each year, where they can show their work and help other journalists grow their skills. Paul’s stewardship and friendship has been invaluable to the board and to the association’s members.


Bob Priddy is one of RTDNA’s most distinguished former board members, with over 27 years of service. At the conclusion of his service at RTDNA@NAB 2010, Priddy was honored with the newly introduced Bob Priddy Award, which is now presented annually to board members who exemplify Priddy’s distinguished and consistent service to RTDNA.

The 2019 Bob Priddy Award winner is the Chairman of the RTDNA Programming Committee Brandon Mercer. Since 2014, RTDNA has increased the number training programs offered via webinars.  These sessions enable members to share their expertise and gain new kills.  To produce this valuable benefit takes time and leadership, which Brandon has dedicated exceptionally. Brandon has led the development of the online training program, and his leadership and vision demonstrate distinguished service to the association and its members.


The Rob Downey Citation, named for the first executive secretary of RTDNA, is presented annually. In honor of Downey’s quiet, persistent leadership, the citation recognizes exceptional service to the RTDNA board of directors.

The 2019 Rob Downey Citation is presented to Awards and Programs Manager Kate McGarrity. Kate oversees RTDNA’s largest and most recognized program, the Edward R. Murrow Awards. She fields hundreds of calls and e-mails each year, recruits and assigns judges for the awards competition manages the entries, ensures winners receive their plaque or trophy and ensures the standards of the awards continue to make them among journalism’s most prestigious.