Money Matters: Things to buy before 2019

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Between Christmas and New Years can be a great, if busy, time to buy a new car. Many dealers likely have good deals on discontinued sedans and overstocked crossovers as manufacturers catch up with changing consumer preferences. And don’t discount new 2019 models – there may be good deals to be found on these cars, which are also likely to have upgrades and higher resale value than 2018 models, which may be on sale now, but are likely to be available through mid-2019.       

It may be worth looking into a cable deal before 2019 price increases take effect – but caution that some announced fee increases will apply even to customers in current contracts, making costs likely to go up in the new year anyway. But as cord cutting increases, it’s worth shopping around or even renegotiating your current cable bill.

The U.S. postal service has announced a five cent increase in the price of a stamp for the new year, though there’s a little extra time to stock up on forever stamps at the current rate: the price increase will take effect January 27.

iPhone batteries
Yes, it is possible to replace your iPhone’s battery – and now is a good time to do so. Following the discovery of Apple’s intentional slowing of older model iPhones to save their older batteries, it announced a price reduction for iPhone batteries, but only for 2018. A new battery will help even an older phone hold its charge for longer.

A home
The end of the year holiday season is not typically a busy time for home buying (who wants to move in the cold?) but it can be a good time to do so. Homeowners with properties in the market are likely motivated to sell before the end of the year and, while there may be fewer options than at peak times in the summer and fall, if that dream house is still on the market, it’s likely had a price reduction.

Business equipment
This one’s worth talking to a business tax expert on, but it may be worth purchasing some business assets you’ll need in the next year, like company vehicles, before the end of 2018 to take advantage of deductions under Section 179. But sure to look into the types of assets that qualify as well as new rules and limitations on business deductions.

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