RTDNA Announces Creation of Loren Tobia Leadership Award

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Loren Tobia and Allison McGinley, Tobia accepting Tobia Leadership Award

The Radio Television Digital News Association is proud to announce the creation of the Loren Tobia Leadership Award, to be given annually to a journalist who exemplifies true leadership within their company or organization during a given year. 

This honor is to highlight someone who represents one of RTDNA’s core values – leadership – and RTDNA will be recognizing the recipient in future years not just at the conference, but at all three of our pillar events including the First Amendment Awards and the Edward R. Murrow Awards Gala.

“It could be given to an anchor who stood out in leading the newsroom through hurricane coverage, or a digital editor for helping the team through a newsroom crisis, or a news director who brought a new, positive culture to a struggling newsroom,” said outgoing RTDNA Chair Allison McGinley. 

The inaugural Loren Tobia Leadership Award was given last week to Loren Tobia himself, the longest-serving treasurer in RTDNA history who retired from that position during RTDNA22 in Indianapolis.

Vince Duffy will succeed Tobia as RTDNA treasurer. Tobia served as Chair of RTDNA in 1996 and became its treasurer in 2001. 

“He's been – and, I hope, will continue to be – a source of institutional knowledge, wisdom and sage advice,” RTDNA President and CEO Dan Shelley said. “And, of course, friendship.”

RTDNA22 was an opportunity for many involved with the Association to honor Tobia and celebrate his service. 

“I want to thank you for your decades of service to this organization,” McGinley said. “Not only have you served RTDNA with every fiber of your being, your time, and your talent, you have made those of us who are new to the organization feel welcomed and supported and cared for.” 

Current RTDNA Director At-Large Ellen Crooke said Tobia is “always the voice of reason and trust.” 

“I can’t think of another person who has given more of their time and talent to RTDNA than you,” Crooke said. “Thank you for giving back to an industry that we all love. You certainly have made a difference.”

Incoming RTDNA Chair Tim Scheld said “no organization can get anywhere without doing so on the shoulders of those who have come before us.”

“We can never really repay you for the role that you’ve played,” Scheld said. “What we can do, however, is follow your example and work with that same passion and commitment to make this organization as successful as it can be, again, on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

RTDNA will announce details of the Loren Tobia Leadership Award selection process at a later date.

Photo: BP Miller/Chorus Photography