A Return To Normal? How To Reimagine Your Newsroom


The newsroom looks a lot different today than it did 18 months ago. The challenges we face now are unlike any we even envisioned before COVID-19.

But as we return to normal, we shouldn’t be in a rush to return to everything about the pre-pandemic ways.

“The biggest mistake we could make over the next few months is to simply go back to what we were doing,” said Kevin Benz, newsroom coach, professional trainer and former chairman of RTDNA.

Benz is leading a training session at RTDNA21 in Denver called “The Boss and the Coach: Be Better with Both.” You can learn more about Benz’s session in the video above.

This interactive session is designed to help inspire news directors to become better leaders as they help bring their newsrooms back to life.  

“We may not solve all the problems that exist in newsrooms today — that would be impossible,” Benz said. “But what we will do is give news directors very solid ideas for systems and approaches to these very, very new challenges that they’ve had.”

This breakout session will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 23 at RTDNA21 in Denver. If you have not yet registered, hurry to secure your spot before our early bird registration discount expires Aug. 10.