Money Matters: 3 timely financial story ideas

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Consumer reporters know that it's always a good idea to have a story archive in your back pocket, because often economic and financial storylines pop up again and again. From stock market ups and downs to seasonal illnesses and obligations, here are a few money stories that are once again relevant in today's news cycle. How can you add current context to these stories?

Stock market volatility
Stock markets globally took big hits this week as investors gauged potential impacts of the spreading new coronavirus, including on supply chains of common goods manufactured in China, the heart of the outbreak.

But do large, red headlines screaming “DOW PLUNGES” really give consumers the context and clarity they need from financial reporting? Maybe not. Here are some tips for taking a step back and expanding reporting during volatile markets.

Planning for illness
COVID-19, caused by the newly surfaced corona virus, may be the primary illness making headlines, but it’s also flu season. These tips to help consumers plan for unexpected medical costs caused by illnesses like flu are timely every flu season, but can also apply to consumers assessing risks of other viral illnesses.

Tax season
The tax filing deadline is not until April, but there are good reasons to file early: Early filers get their refunds sooner or, in the case of underpayment, have more time to save up to pay what they owe. Early filing is also a great way to avoid tax scams! Here are some more story ideas for pre-April tax stories.

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