NEFE Spotlight: How Simplifying Things Can Make a Big Difference

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Robert Powell, Retirement Columnist at Marketwatch, says “I eat, breathe, sleep all things retirement.”

And one of his big goals is removing some of the fear many people might have about retirement. How does he do it? He tries to explain things in terms the average person can understand.

Powell was the winner of the 2021 Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting Awards, Digital, presented by RTDNA and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). He spoke during a panel discussion featuring other winners of the award at RTDNA 21 in Denver.

“We were scaring people unnecessarily,” Powell said of typical information people receive about retirement. “It creates inaction because people are frightened by that number and it creates inertia. So if what you can do is provide, we describe it as actionable advice. If we can give people actionable advice … you can give people the confidence to be savvy with their money."

Hear more from Powell in the video above. Read his award-winning story here.