Soledad O’Brien Calls Out Those Who Undermine Journalism

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Soledad O’Brien, the 2021 recipient of RTDNA’s John F. Hogan Award, paid homage to her mother, her boss, and Hogan, RTDNA’s founder, in an acceptance speech during RTDNA21 in Denver. 

O’Brien, host of Hearst Television’s “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien,” said all three inspire her to keep journalism “focused on the pursuit of facts.”

“We are at a time when the public seems to be losing trust and face in media and media at times seems to be softening its commitment to the ideals of journalism,” O’Brien said during her acceptance speech. “We’re at a juncture where sometimes people use the term journalist as a shelter for their efforts to actually undermine the facts. We are at a time when too many are misusing the terms of objectivity and fairness to create false equivalencies and to justify access journalism.” 

Watch O’Brien’s full remarks in the video above.