An Open Letter from RTDNA Chair Allison McGinley

Open Letters,

Dear Journalists Covering the December 10 Tornado Outbreak:

Thank you.

Thank you for saving lives as deadly storms were bearing down on your communities.

And thank you for your ongoing service by providing critical information to the public about the dead, the injured, the destruction, and the helpful resources that are in the affected areas – in portions of Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee.

We know that many of you were personally impacted, yet you continue to do your jobs, to answer the calling that led you to serve your communities by seeking and reporting the truth, no matter the difficulty.

It may be hard to comprehend the value of the service you are providing at this moment. But you will. And you will have the never-ending gratitude of the people you saved, the people you are serving, and all of the people who have been impacted.

In the words of one network news anchor, referring to the rescue and recovery efforts now underway: “This is nature at its worst, and human nature at its very, very best.”

I, and all of us at the Radio Television Digital News Association, believe the same applies to you.

I know you’ll persevere for as long as your communities and those affected need you. I also know that along with the tragedy and heartbreak, you will someday find a measure of solace in the reality that you are there when the public you serve needs you the most.

Take care,

Allison McGinley
RTDNA Chairwoman